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Consent isn’t complicated. But when it comes to sexual consent, some people suggest that it is. If understanding consent were truly so difficult, here’s what our everyday lives would look like.

Student 1: I really like The Fluffy Bunnys' new song. Student 2 blasts song while Student 1 sleeping. Student 1: Augh! What are you doing?! Student 2: You said you liked this song! Student 1: Yeah, but I don't want to listen to it while I'm sleeping!Student 1: So that's the design I want someday. Right here. Student 2 tattoos Student 1 while unconscious. Student 1: You tattooed me while I was passed out? What is wrong with you?! Student 2: You said you wanted it! Student 1: But I didn't want it while I was unconscious and didn't know what was happening!Student 1: Wanna watch Pulp Fiction? Student 2: Sure! A half hour later. Student 2: Eh, I'm not really liking this, let's do something else. Student 1: No! You said you'd watch the movie so you're staying until it's done.Student 1: I brought the cards! Now I can teach you poker. Student 2: Cool! A short time later...Student 2: Now that I know the rules I don't think this game is for me. Student 1: You can't invite me over to play cards and not want to play cards! I went to all this trouble for you, so you owe me and we're playing.Student 1: Thanks for letting me borrow your car. Student 2: No problem! The next week...Student 2: What are you doing? Student 1: Borrowing your car! You said I could. Student 2: You can't take my car whenever you want it! Student 1: That's not fair! You said I could have it once so I should be able to have it all the time.Student 1: Hey you, c'mere take this. Student 2: But I don't want to carry this stuff, stop it! Student 1: Well, you're dressed like a weight-lifter and showing off your muscles. You're asking to be handed heavy stuff! Don't blame me.Originally published on Everyday Feminism.

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Alli Kirkham is a blogger, cartoonist, and intersectional feminist. She is passionate about affirmative consent, sexual autonomy, and the destruction of gender roles, and through her cartoons is an advocate for chronically ill and mentally ill communities. Alli’s BA in English literature is from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.