A New Schedule for your Life

Sometimes, being mindful of your self-care is really hard. Tracking it might be even harder if your life is hectic and stressful!

So, that’s where Aloe Bud comes in.

It’s an adorable, pixel graphic-laden app designed to track the little habits you think are necessary. Add as many as you want, and Aloe Bud will gently remind you whenever you schedule them, or you don’t have to schedule it at all. The helpful reminders range from reminding you to move, practice gratefulness, and even eat (and more).

Personalize it to your liking (though extra cute reminders and custom reminder messages need to be paid for), because that’s what the app is for: for you to develop your own self-care routine that you feel comfortable about. Using Aloe Bud has really kept me in check about my hydration and movement levels and I’m starting to remember to do it, even without the reminders.

Check out their website here! And download it on the iOS store here.