Fitness Inside

Yoga is known to have tons of benefits, from increasing mindfulness and self-confidence to soothing your body and balancing your mood!

But if you’re always on-the-go, there’s not enough time to stop by the gym and breathe, I know. So, Pocket Yoga is here to save your day!

It’s a flexible yoga app that has tons of customization options: different practices, different duration time, and different difficulty levels in case you want to squeeze in a 15-minute crunch session or if you want an hour long routine when you have a breather. The classes are all narrated and music will play in the background for each lesson, alongside directions on breathing.

There’s a whole dictionary of poses with cute illustrations of them that is all in categories and easily searchable. Not only does it show you the posture itself, extra info like alignments and benefits accompany each entry.

Like in the picture, there are different environments to help you feel relaxed and good while you move through your poses. Not only that, it doesn’t require network connectivity at all–the whole thing’s in your phone! That means you can take yoga with you, wherever you go, so swipe that excuse off your list!

-Katie L.