Turn Off Your Phone to Turn On Social Wellness

Social wellness is something that people often forget, even though it’s something that we engage in every day of our lives. It encompasses everything relating to the interactions you face, whether between your friends, or even to yourself.

Nowadays, it feels like we’re always plugged into something and talking to someone; there’s not a moment where we can just relax with some peace and quiet in the background (not that there’s anything wrong with some chill tunes). It’s important to keep in contact with your family and friends, and it’s understandable to want to always be in the know! But, the conversations you have with yourself can be the most important in your own growth.

Whether through meditation, or just taking the time to turn off the screen, here are some apps to help you tune out:

Off the Grid:

“Off the Grid is a digital detox app that helps curb phone addiction so you can cut that number down and reconnect with real life. And it’s free!”

Straight off the 4.6 star rated app, this is a great one for Android users (sorry Apple fans). With a very responsive developer team, a sleek, modern interface, and the ability to schedule the times and a slew of other cool features, this is a ‘get-off-your-phone-for-real-it’s-an-addiction’ app that’ll definitely help you limit your time on your phone!

App Detox:

“Get more social time for your life, block apps and spend less time on the phone!”

One for Android again, this one loads more responsibility on you with the power of knowledge. This app monitors the time you spend on selected apps so you can see what app you use the most (and possibly shame you into stopping). It can also block you from opening your apps if you need, preventing you from using them for a certain time when you know it’s when you use it the most.


Rejoice, Apple users! Here’s a social media limiting app for you: with a high rating and a mechanism similar to App Detox, this modern, pastel-themed app not only monitors the time you spend on each app, but lets you set daily goals to start limiting your time! Plus, it’s not limited to use one phone: you can drag your family into a phone detox if you think they’ve got a problem too.

Dinner Mode:

“Break your tech addiction and what better place than the dinner table!
With DinnerMode you’re challenged to put down your device, put away your tablet, shut off the computer and enjoy dinner with friends, family, or even by yourself.”

It’s a real simple app: just set a timer, place your phone face-down, and last the timer! Its simplicity leads to its almost full stars on the Apple app store!


“Smartphones are an essential part of our daily lives. But the constant flow of interruptions and information can leave us feeling distracted, disconnected, overwhelmed and removed from the people we love.”

This is a cute, attractive app with adorable artwork and color palettes that really satisfy aesthetics. With space-themed designs and cool features such as personalized programs depending on your phone use, tracking the use of your phone, goal-setting, and achievements, this will definitely give you a chill incentive to use your phone to put down your phone!