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Personal mixology: Your body, your life, your limits

Rate this article and enter to winNot all of us can handle the same amount of alcohol. Different body types, genes, minds, and experiences affect our tolerance. Here, five students talk about their relationship...
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The academic hangover: How your brain is affected by drinking

Rate this article and enter to winAfter a hard day or week, some of us look forward to unwinding with a drink or two. No big deal. We’re over the legal drinking age. We...
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When is alcohol a problem? How to talk about lower-risk drinking choices

Rate this article and enter to winMost students make healthy decisions when it comes to drinking alcohol, including the more than 20 percent who didn’t drink at all in the last 30 days, according...
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Do you drink?: Exploring the reasons behind your choices

Rate this article and enter to winYou’re probably familiar with stories about college drinking, but have you ever given much thought to why you choose to drink alcohol or not? The latest research offers...
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Drinking differences : Reveal the reality of your body’s reactions

Rate this article and enter to winThere are many students who don’t drink alcohol, and the majority of those who do make choices that keep their health and overall well-being in mind. When you’re...
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The drinking myth: What’s true on your campus?

Rate this article and enter to winRyan S., a senior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, entered college with the idea that heavy drinking was a common pastime. “A lot of people have...